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Installare Yii 2.0.* usando XAMPP su Windows in versione portabile

Created 5 years ago by realtebo, updated 4 years ago by realtebo.

Personalmente trovo che la versione "portable" sia molto piĆ¹ semplice da aggiornare, ed io tengo sempre costantemente aggiornato TUTTO il parco software relativo al mio webserver.

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Yii v2 snippet guide

Created 2 days ago by rackycz, updated a day ago by rackycz.

This snippet guide continues in my series of simple Yii tutorials. Previous two contain basic info about MVC concept so read them as well, but they are meant for Yii v1. I started with them cca 8 years ago:

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Creating a Simple CRUD App With Yii2 (Revised 12/20/2013)

Created 6 years ago by Charles R. Portwood II, updated 5 years ago by Vivek.

By popular demand, today I will be revisiting my previous Yii Framework 2 Getting Started Guide and updating it with what is currently available in the Yii Framework 2 Repository. Provide here is an super simple example CRUD application that will help you get started using the framework.

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How to use imagine ( crop, thumb, effects for images ) on Yii2

Created 4 years ago by Anas AbuDayah, updated 3 years ago by Cozumel.

Imagine adds most common image functions and also acts as a wrapper to Imagine image manipulation library.

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Yii2: How to create/develop a new extension using Composer locally without version control or Git

Created 3 years ago by Wade Shuler, updated 6 months ago by jwerner.

Using a version control system, like Git, is nice. However, when building an extension from scratch and loading it via Composer, it adds a lot of pain in the butt steps. You have to commit your changes, update composer to pull them over, then notice there is an error, fix, commit, update. repeat.. I don't want all my baby steps under Git. Sure, I could edit my commit history, but c'mon. Just let m...

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YII2: Create console commands inside a module or extension

Created 4 years ago by MetaCrawler, updated a year ago by Luis Armando.

Here is a small guide how to get console commands running inside modules & extensions. For this guide I used a fresh yii2 basic application template.

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How to learn Yii?!

Created 7 years ago by yJeroen, updated a year ago by CeBe.

Here is a step by step To-Do list for Yii beginners. The list is an advice of what tutorials and documentation you can walk through to get a full understanding of the Yii Framework. These can be a help to learn Yii.

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