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Posted 30 December 2012 - 06:37 PM


I need an user interface where user can choose from 4 tabs, fill in only one of it and submit.

Tabs data are similar, one have title, image, the other have title and text, etc., so i was trying to make it single model. (CFormModel for later processing)

I use yiibooster, so i have chosen TbTabs.

I have done some experiments and i'm nearly complete.

My first version was one form and one model + tbtab with form fields in each tab (tabs using separate views using renderPartial), that was not a good solution, there were problems with validation, as every tab need to be independent in validation, yet, all the tabs must be in one page in a tabbed manner.

So now each tab is an independent form, i can still easily change the tab, but i'm not sure if i should try to make it with one model.

With the server side validation it is no problem, but the thing is, after post i go back to the posted form, so i'm setting the selected tab using a hidden field with tab name, the problem is with the client validation.

To be specific, if all 4 forms are on one page using one model, ajax validation will work correctly as it is POST so i can use a scenario, but to render client validation so required fields have red asterisks i need to make it required also without a scenario if using one model (and one instance) and if i do so ajax validation will also validate it and produce validation for fields not in current form.

So i was thinking about my options, i want to keep it as simple as possible and maintainable, so i have some questions:

1. Should i just still use one model, but instead make a default scenario 'def', so that there would be no rules without scenario and this way i can explicit set what i want to validate? Client and ajax validation will work good then.

2. Or maybe it is better make 4 models for each form independently? But then i will copy near the same code(very similar fields) and also i think it will complicate the controller code, but there will be clear model for every form.

3. Does it has any sense to enable both client and ajax validation? Should i ajax validate only more complex fields (check url points to existing file etc.) using validate attributes?

4. Any other ideas? Maybe someone has such problem and will share how it was resolved?

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Posted 24 January 2013 - 12:09 AM

How did you show the active tab?

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