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Gii Model Generator Not Creating Relations In Postgresql change to ddl results in gii not generating relations in the model Rate Topic: -----

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Posted 13 November 2012 - 01:30 PM

Hi. I've checked the changelog and don't see anything relevant. I've also searched the forums (via google) and found that people frequently forget to set 'tablePrefix' in their configuration. I'm setting that properly.

I took an initial pass at this and the model generator properly generated relations. I then went to perform a complex query (via CDbCriteria) that relied on these relations. Because I wasn't defining a primary key on one of the tables, a call to CDataProvider::getData() wasn't working. First, here's my ddl:

CREATE OR REPLACE FUNCTION check_email(email text) RETURNS bool
LANGUAGE plperlu
AS $$
use Email::Address;

my @addresses = Email::Address->parse($_[0]);
return scalar(@addresses) > 0 ? 1 : 0;

CREATE TABLE ham_users(
   ,username VARCHAR(64) NOT NULL UNIQUE
   ,CONSTRAINT proper_email CHECK(check_email(email))

DROP TABLE IF EXISTS ham_authentication;
DROP TYPE IF EXISTS authentication_type;

CREATE TYPE authentication_type AS ENUM('password','facebook');
CREATE TABLE ham_authentication(
    userid BIGINT NOT NULL REFERENCES ham_users(userid)
   ,type authentication_type NOT NULL
   ,data VARCHAR(128)
   ,PRIMARY KEY(userid,type)
DROP TABLE IF EXISTS ham_user_attributes;
CREATE TABLE ham_user_attributes(
   ,userid BIGINT NOT NULL REFERENCES ham_users(userid)
   ,key VARCHAR(128) NOT NULL
   ,value TEXT
CREATE INDEX idx_ham_id_key ON ham_user_attributes(userid,key);

I originally didn't specify a primary key on the ham_user_attributes table. It may be significant that I originally called the "userid" column "id"; the ham_user_attributes table didn't have a primary key, only the separately-created index.

In the original ddl, the gii model generator properly defined authentication and userAttribute relations in models/User.php.

I'm new to gii; I don't think this is the correct way to perform this query, but it should work. I'm trying to perform authentication for the login form (in components/UserIdentity.php). So I need to select users with a specified username and get their (hashed) password from ham_authentication along with a salt from ham_user_attributes. Here's my flawed attempt from UserIdentity::authenticate():

            $username = strtolower($this->username);
            $criteria = new CDbCriteria();
            $criteria->with = array('userAttributes','authentications');
            $criteria->params = array(':username' => $username
                                     ,':attribute_key' => self::SALT
                                     ,':authentication_type' => 'password');
            $criteria->together = true;
            $provider = new CActiveDataProvider(
                'Users',array('criteria' => $criteria)

            $data = $provider->getData();

I think the better way to do this would be to use User::model() to get a user with the specified username and then query the salt and password separately. Be that as it may, this didn't work because the ham_user_attributes table didn't have a primary key. The call to getData() resulted in a warning about using an undefined value somewhere deep in the innards of yii. So I refactored the ddl to rename the id column on the ham_users table to "userid" and added a primary key to ham_user_attributes.

When I say it's not generating relations, to be clear, here is that method from models/Users.php:

     * @return array relational rules.
    public function relations()
        // NOTE: you may need to adjust the relation name and the related
        // class name for the relations automatically generated below.
        return array(

I may need to adjust it indeed. As I mentioned, I am specifying the table prefix as "ham_" in config/main.php. It was working in one iteration and then changes described resulted in the above. I've also tried the Giix Model Generator, but that had the same result.

This seems like a bug. Thanks -


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