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Web Service 0 275
Yii extension for facebook Like, Recommend & Share button with custom attributes.
Created by Rohit Suthar, 5 years ago.


User Interface 22 3094
This Yii Framework module allows you to add quickly private messaging into your application
Created by Weavora Team, 9 years ago.


User Interface 10 2330
Insert twitter, googleplusone and facebook button
Created by matricks, 9 years ago.


User Interface 9 2743
A simple and sexy social network sharing widget
Created by ianaré, 9 years ago, updated 8 years ago.


Web Service 15 5600
Http Client Extension for Yii
Created by Antonio Ramirez, 10 years ago, updated 9 years ago.


Yii User Management Module
Created by thyseus, 10 years ago, updated 6 years ago.