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User Interface 1 466
Extention to upload photo and capture from webcam or camera using HTML5
Created by Khayat Sang Pelamun, 6 years ago.


Web Service 1 1755
Yii Framework widget to embed Soundcloud Player Widget into your web apps.
Created by njasm, 8 years ago.


User Interface 4 0
Simple Widget to renderize Charts using AmCharts Javascript Library
Created by luckas, 8 years ago.


User Interface 0 1105
Syntax highlighting tool of source code snippets
Created by volkmar, 8 years ago.


Others 1 1156
A widget to create an audio playlist using SoundManager
Created by hitjuu, 9 years ago, updated 8 years ago.


User Interface 1 1634
This extension show a nice calendar.
Created by sensorario, 9 years ago.


User Interface 0 966
Client-side syntax highlighting for source code listings
Created by volkmar, 10 years ago, updated 8 years ago.


User Interface 5 2388
EVideoJS extends CWidget and implements a base class for the VideoJS player.
Created by logicoder, 10 years ago.


User Interface 13 11514
Adobe's Open Source Media Player for Yii.
Created by drumaddict, 10 years ago, updated 9 years ago.