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User Interface 6 1195
Easy creating of dependent dropdownlists
Created by Joblo, 9 years ago.


Database 4 699
Easy working with status-like attributtes of active record (represent text and html for integer values)
Created by Vitalets, 10 years ago.


User Interface 3 343
display a dropDownList with sort link for CSort class
Created by Rsol, 10 years ago.


Others 9 661
Creates a dropdown list of states from the US, US Territories and Canada
Created by cfletcher1856, 10 years ago, updated 9 years ago.


Date and Time 1 872
Combines ehtmldataselect and activedatelist
Created by klod, 11 years ago.


User Interface 5 959
A dropdownlist widget which can redirect user based on a selected value
Created by Parcouss, 11 years ago.