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Database 6 5157
CSaveRelationsBehavior: Save HasMany and ManyMany relational active records along with the main model
Created by juban_, 10 years ago, updated 8 years ago.


Database 8 1825
Using multiple databases connections in models and gii
Created by Gustavo, 9 years ago, updated 8 years ago.


Database 4 936
Behavior that lets a model return CActiveDataProviders for its relations
Created by Asgaroth, 9 years ago, updated 8 years ago.


Database 14 4480
The EAdvancedArBehavior extension removes the complexities involved when saving objects with relations
Created by jeanluca, 9 years ago, updated 8 years ago.


Database 15 1192
This behavior helps me to update and delete models with HAS_ONE, HAS_MANY and MANY_MANY relations.
Created by Alex Jay, 9 years ago, updated 6 years ago.


Database 3 1295
Behavior to convert DECIMAL columns in ActiveRecords to locale specific format
Created by Mike, 9 years ago, updated 8 years ago.


Database 0 966
Enables automatic saving and deletion of related model records
Created by Tudor Ilisoi, 8 years ago.


Database 29 4668
ESaveRelatedBehavior enables ActiveRecord models to save HAS_MANY relational active records and MANY_MANY relations.
Created by sluderitz, 8 years ago, updated 6 years ago.


File System 2 947
Allows to access, validate and manipulate array data located on the file system by using a model
Created by Instinct, 8 years ago.


User Interface 32 8226
A simple, collapsible, sortable, editable, exportable to CSV data grid.
Created by Jose Rullan, 8 years ago, updated 7 years ago.


Caching 0 738
Some CActiveDataProvider enhancements (query caching, total item count fix)
Created by juban_, 8 years ago.


Database 0 406
CActiveRecordBehavior for converting checkBoxList data to INT database field
Created by Evgeny L, 8 years ago.