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User Interface 0 0
Sortable GridView which you can drag and drop the record items from the list, and store the order in ActiveRecord.
Created by Richard Fan, 2 years ago.


Database 0 0
This is component for searching in the Active Record models for Yii2 Framework.
Created by greeflas, a year ago.


Caching 0 15
The ActiveRecord attribute cache behavior for Yii2.
Created by Jerry, 2 months ago.


Database 0 22
Trait for Yii2 ActiveRecord. Search for a model ActiveRecord or create a new one in case of failure
Created by Oleg Pustovalov, 7 months ago.


Others 1 251
ActiveRecord behavior + associated widget
Created by Sjaakp, 4 years ago.


Web Service 0 2683
REST client (AR-like model) for Yii Framework 2.0 (via GuzzleHttp)
Created by Ch.Sergey, a month ago.


Database 0 36090
Validate and save automatically related Active Record models.
Created by Juban, 8 months ago.