The Yii community has developed a great amount of extensions that provide a lot of useful functionality.

  • The extensions you find here are user contributed extensions.
  • There is also a set of extensions maintained by the Yii team, we call these official extensions.
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Auth 0 37
This extension gets the visitors ip address, logs the access and checks if it's blacklisted or whitelisted. If it's a blacklist
Created by Snook, a month ago.


Web Service 0 11
Bitcko Yii2 Paypal Api Extension use to integrate Paypal payments in your project using Paylpal php SDK
Created by Mhmd Backer Shehadi, a month ago.


Mail 0 5121
Mailgun mailer implementation for Yii2
Created by Alexey Samoylov, a month ago.


User Interface 0 10
Yii2 module to write documentation with MarkDown files
Created by Viktor, a month ago.


User Interface 0 11
It is a free admin template for backend of yii framework 2 based on gentelella-rtl theme.
Created by Morteza Karimi, a month ago.


Web Service 0 7577
Implementation of JSON API specification for the Yii framework
Created by tuyakhov, 25 days ago.


Others 0 317
The extension provides support for sending notifications across a variety of delivery channels, including mail, SMS, Slack etc.
Created by tuyakhov, 25 days ago.


User Interface 0 1652
Yii2 youtube extension
Created by tuyakhov, 25 days ago.


Database 0 6
Allows developers to provide a search query interface similar to Sphinx
Created by Snook, 24 days ago.


User Interface 0 5
Baron — a small, fast and crossbrowser custom scrollbar with native system scroll mechanic.
Created by Aleksandr Solovyov, 22 days ago.


User Interface 0 50
AssetBundle for material-ripple
Created by José lópez Chávez, 17 days ago.


User Interface 0 1150
AssetBundle for jQuery BlockUI Plugin http://jquery.malsup.com/block/
Created by José lópez Chávez, 17 days ago.