The Yii community has developed a great amount of extensions that provide a lot of useful functionality.

  • The extensions you find here are user contributed extensions.
  • There is also a set of extensions maintained by the Yii team, we call these official extensions.
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User Interface 0 1330
Form builder or code generator for Yii2. List GridView of forms. Saving form data in a databases.
Created by pceuropa, a year ago.


Logging 0 1380
Rollbar for Yii2
Created by FlorinV, 6 months ago.


Others 0 1460
Generate static assets and build a docker nginx container
Created by sammousa, 9 months ago.


Application Template 0 1495
Yii 2 minimal Application Template
Created by samdark, a year ago.


Web Service 0 1525
AutoCorrect external links after rendering html page
Created by skeeks, 4 months ago.


Web Service 0 1535
Yii2 yandex slug
Created by skeeks, 4 months ago.


User Interface 0 1540
AssetBundle for jQuery BlockUI Plugin http://jquery.malsup.com/block/
Created by José lópez Chávez, 10 months ago.


User Interface 0 1683
Yii2 Open Api Swagger 3 integration
Created by Simon Rodin, 5 months ago.


Mail 0 1817
Queue mailer decorator for Yii2 framework
Created by Alexey Samoylov, a year ago.


Web Service 0 1904
Http basic auth for Yii2 project
Created by skeeks, 4 months ago.


Others 0 2404
This is a social share bar for yii2 projects.
Created by Anil Chaudhari, a year ago.


User Interface 0 2487
виджет для отображения online документов с помощью google viewer и microsoft document viewer
Created by lesha724, a year ago.