The Yii community has developed a great amount of extensions that provide a lot of useful functionality.

  • The extensions you find here are user contributed extensions.
  • There is also a set of extensions maintained by the Yii team, we call these official extensions.
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Date and Time 0 549
Persian date range picker based on Bootstrap 4 for Yii2 framework
Created by Sadegh Shafii, 2 years ago.


Others 0 1
MutexFilter is an action filter that apply mutex on controller's actions.
Created by Sadegh Shafii, 2 years ago.


User Interface 0 30061
Yii2 wrapper for ace editor
Created by Elias Luhr, 2 years ago.


User Interface 0 2579
Password Input for Yii2
Created by Elias Luhr, 2 years ago.


Database 0 33
This extension provides the MeiliSearch integration for the Yii framework 2.0.
Created by zhuzixian520, 2 years ago.


Date and Time 0 121
Hijri Date Time - Yii2 Extension for using Hijri date time, compatible with 'Umm al-Qura' formal calendar in Saudi Arabia and...
Created by biladina, 2 years ago.


User Interface 0 138
Add Popup Where You Want in Your Yii2 App. This Extension is a Combination of Bootstrap4 Button and Bootstrap4 Modal. With th...
Created by aayushmhu, 2 years ago.


User Interface 0 25
Export Any HTML Table into CSV or EXCEL
Created by aayushmhu, 2 years ago.


Auth 0 936
A Yii2 Oauth 2 and OpenID Connect server based on thephpleague/oauth2-server
Created by Rutger, 2 years ago.


User Interface 0 88
Zero configuration templating engine for Yii 2 PHP framework.
Created by lubosdz, 2 years ago.


Others 0 124
Ability to add guide to pages for user orientation
Created by Matej Chalachán, 2 years ago.


Networking 0 184
Yii2 XML Request Parser
Created by jamguo, 2 years ago.