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Yii2 Calendar Schedule
Created by kriss, a year ago.


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Bootstrap 3 date/time picker widget for Yii2
Created by RomeroMsk, 4 years ago.


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DaysAgo - Converter dates in a user-friendly format
Created by sfedosimov, 3 years ago.


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Widget to handle dates
Created by Sjaakp, 6 months ago.


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Datetime widgets for Yii2.
Created by KiTE, a year ago.


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Yii2 Calendar
Created by Armond, a year ago.


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it convert Gregorian date to Jalali calendar one.
Created by Shahimian, a month ago.


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Handle incomplete dates
Created by Sjaakp, 4 years ago.


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Fullcalendar wrapper for showing events on a calendar
Created by EdoFre, 3 years ago.


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Extension to easily use the fulcalendar scheduler functionality
Created by EdoFre, 3 years ago.


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Automatic Change Date System of an ActiveRecord After finding It.
Created by meysampg, 2 years ago.


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Widget for yii2, to start count down timer with a lot of options, This widget build dependence of timeDownCounter JS library
Created by Anees Hikmat Abu-hamid, a year ago.