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Improved Yii2 GridView widget with support ajax, pjax and modal (Bootstrap)
Created by himiklab, 9 months ago.


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Yii2 toast alert
Created by Abdulhadi Abu-Shamleh, 9 months ago.


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Yii2 Open Api Swagger 3 integration
Created by Simon Rodin, 8 months ago.


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The Twitter Bootstrap extension for the Yii framework
Created by The Yii Team, 6 months ago.


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Extension for editing rows for yii2 grid widget.
Created by Konstantin Voloshchuk, 6 months ago.


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PACE (Progress Automatically Certain to Entertain) - Automatic page load progress bar for Yii PHP Framework
Created by Matheus Morais, 5 months ago.


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Advanced Yii2 blog module, posts, categories, tags, comments, books, SEO, social plugins, Slider Revolution e.t.c.
Created by Diazoxide, 4 months ago.


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Ability to generate widgets with interface similar to controller with basic CRUD actions for specific model
Created by ianikanov, 4 months ago.


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Yii2 CKEditor
Created by Mihail, 4 months ago.


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The QuaggaJS for Yii2 EAN13 extension for the Yii framework
Created by Jefferson Carvalho, 4 months ago.


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Support passed variables to javascript.
Created by VUONG MINH, 3 months ago.


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Collapse and Accordion widgets for the Yii 2.0 framework
Created by Sjaakp, 3 months ago.