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Organize directories for applications with front-end and back-end for yii2
Created by yiqing95, 3 years ago.


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Databased based automated page meta tags based on route and named parameters
Created by Elecen, 3 years ago.


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Tools for upload and save file
Created by Misbahul D Munir, 3 years ago.


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This is a template for the Yii 2 advanced application which I have decided to release.
Created by Sammaye, 3 years ago.


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Automatic locale/language management for URLs
Created by Mike, 3 years ago.


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A simple yet effective implementation of 2D bin packing for Yii2
Created by Elecen, 3 years ago.


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Google Maps API library for Yii2
Created by Antonio Ramirez, 3 years ago.


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ActiveRecord behavior + associated widget
Created by Sjaakp, 3 years ago.


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It is a widget for Yii2 framework which control a crud buttons.
Created by dizews, 3 years ago.


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yii2 images module for storing and resizing images
Created by Costa-Rico, 3 years ago.


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Automaticall creates Models and CRUD from database tables.
Created by jchambers, 3 years ago, updated 2 years ago.


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QUnit JavaScript Unit Testing framework for Yii2.
Created by dizews, 3 years ago.