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Yii2 yandex slug
Created by skeeks, 2 years ago.


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Work schedule widget
Created by skeeks, 2 years ago.


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Component for work with google api based on google/apiclient
Created by skeeks, 2 years ago.


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This is a restful api to onesignal.
Created by Vasadi-Balogh Tamás, 2 years ago.


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A Twilio SMS plugin for Yii2 based off my base package, Yii2 SMS, to make sending SMS messages as easy as emails!
Created by Wade Shuler, 2 years ago.


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AutoCorrect external links after rendering html page
Created by skeeks, 2 years ago.


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Bitcko Yii2 Paypal Api Extension use to integrate Paypal payments in your project using Paylpal php SDK
Created by Mhmd Backer Shehadi, 3 years ago.


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REST client (AR-like model) for Yii Framework 2.0 (via GuzzleHttp)
Created by Ch.Sergey, 2 years ago.


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Image gallery for jQuery
Created by skeeks, 2 years ago.


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Http basic auth for Yii2 project
Created by skeeks, 2 years ago.


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Conversion of inactive links in the text into active clickable links
Created by skeeks, 2 years ago.


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Клиент Simple API решения Captcha для Yii2
Created by Igor Tarasov, 4 months ago.