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Validator that will run on switch-case-like conditional
Created by petra, 3 years ago.


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MailboxValidator Yii framework extension to validate an email by using MailboxValidator API.
Created by MailboxValidator, 6 months ago.


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Define the lifecycle of a model by defining allowed satus changes in terms of a state machine.
Created by CeBe, 6 months ago.


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yii2-widget address-form
Created by t6nnp6nn, 3 months ago.


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A yii2 validator for validating a Dutch 'betalingskenmerk' and Belgium 'gestructureerde mededeling'.
Created by Emile Bons, 4 years ago.


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Math expression validator for Yii2
Created by KiTE, a year ago.


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Yii2 enum mapping behavior / validator / database column type
Created by Roman Varkuta, a month ago.


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Makes one or more attributes mandatory inside a set of attributes.
Created by slinstj, 3 years ago.


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Daterange validator that allows to validate if a model attribute is a valid date range format
Created by nerburish, 2 years ago.


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Yii2 validator for validating PCRE Regular Expressions
Created by sammousa, 9 months ago.


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This extension provides a validation filters with javascript support
Created by c3tv3r, 2 years ago.


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Adds file behavior to Active Records
Created by klod, 4 years ago.