yiisoft/yii2-queue API Documentation 2.3

This is the API Documentation for the yiisoft/yii2-queue extension. Here you will find detailed information about all classes provided by this extension. Below you find a list of the existing classes, interfaces, and traits, ordered by their fully qualified name (including the namespace). Each of them has a dedicated page which contains a description about the purpose of the class, a list of the available methods, properties and constants, and detailed description on how to use each of them.

On this page you find all the classes included in version 2.3 of the extension. You can use the dropdown menu on the top right to switch between versions.

Class Description
yii\queue\ErrorEvent Error Event.
yii\queue\ExecEvent Exec Event.
yii\queue\InvalidJobException Invalid Job Exception.
yii\queue\Job Job Interface.
yii\queue\JobEvent Job Event.
yii\queue\JobInterface Job Interface.
yii\queue\LogBehavior Log Behavior.
yii\queue\PushEvent Push Event.
yii\queue\Queue Base Queue.
yii\queue\RetryableJob Retryable Job Interface.
yii\queue\RetryableJobInterface Retryable Job Interface.
yii\queue\amqp\Command Manages application amqp-queue.
yii\queue\amqp\Queue Amqp Queue.
yii\queue\amqp_interop\Command Manages application amqp-queue.
yii\queue\amqp_interop\Queue Amqp Queue.
yii\queue\beanstalk\Command Manages application beanstalk-queue.
yii\queue\beanstalk\InfoAction Info about queue status.
yii\queue\beanstalk\Queue Beanstalk Queue.
yii\queue\cli\Action Base Command Action.
yii\queue\cli\Command Base Command.
yii\queue\cli\LoopInterface Loop Interface.
yii\queue\cli\Queue Queue with CLI.
yii\queue\cli\Signal Process Signal Helper.
yii\queue\cli\SignalLoop Signal Loop.
yii\queue\cli\Verbose Verbose Behavior.
yii\queue\cli\VerboseBehavior Verbose Behavior.
yii\queue\cli\WorkerEvent Worker Event.
yii\queue\closure\Behavior Closure Behavior.
yii\queue\closure\Job Closure Job.
yii\queue\db\Command Manages application db-queue.
yii\queue\db\InfoAction Info about queue status.
yii\queue\db\Queue Db Queue.
yii\queue\db\migrations\M161119140200Queue Example of migration for queue message storage.
yii\queue\db\migrations\M170307170300Later Example of migration for queue message storage.
yii\queue\db\migrations\M170509001400Retry Example of migration for queue message storage.
yii\queue\db\migrations\M170601155600Priority Example of migration for queue message storage.
yii\queue\debug\Panel Debug Panel.
yii\queue\file\Command Manages application file-queue.
yii\queue\file\InfoAction Info about queue status.
yii\queue\file\Queue File Queue.
yii\queue\gearman\Command Manages application gearman-queue.
yii\queue\gearman\Queue Gearman Queue.
yii\queue\gii\Generator This generator will generate a job.
yii\queue\redis\Command Manages application redis-queue.
yii\queue\redis\InfoAction Info about queue status.
yii\queue\redis\Queue Redis Queue.
yii\queue\serializers\IgbinarySerializer Igbinary Serializer.
yii\queue\serializers\JsonSerializer Json Serializer.
yii\queue\serializers\PhpSerializer Php Serializer.
yii\queue\serializers\Serializer Interface Serializer.
yii\queue\serializers\SerializerInterface Serializer Interface.
yii\queue\sqs\Command Manages application aws sqs-queue.
yii\queue\sqs\Queue SQS Queue.
yii\queue\stomp\Command Manages application stomp-queue.
yii\queue\stomp\Queue Stomp Queue.
yii\queue\sync\Queue Sync Queue.