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Yii Rights Management Tips

Updated about a month ago by Rajith RTips0 comments – viewed 1,929 times – ( +5 ) – version 1.1
yii rights some tips..

Yii User and Rights Implementation

Updated 6 months ago by Rajith RHow-tos13 comments – viewed 19,012 times – ( +7 / -7 ) – version 1.1
implementing some features of yii user and rights.

Using rights extension with different table and column name

Updated 6 months ago by turiHow-tos2 comments – viewed 1,571 times – ( +1 ) – version 1.1
Once you have installed and configured the rights extension in your application, you can change the table name from 'User' to any table name you want and similarly for 'username' column to any other column name.

Installing Yii Users and Rights to Newly Created Yii app

Updated 9 months ago by Rajith RTutorials25 comments – viewed 61,809 times – ( +22 / -10 ) – version 1.1
After creating an yii app . we need to implement permission, Authentication and Authorization .so the best way is to use the Yii users and Rights modules.

Assigning dynamic roles to a user Using yii Rights module at the time of user creation and using some special advanced features of yii rights

Updated about a year ago by Rajith RTips20 comments – viewed 30,113 times – ( +11 / -8 ) – version 1.1
After Installing Yii Users and Rights to Newly Created Yii app we have to assign dynamic roles to a user at the time of user creation .

Troubleshooting Rights Extension

Updated 2 years ago by junxiongTips6 comments – viewed 19,080 times – ( +8 ) – version 1.1
Rights is one of user interface for Yii's Role Base Access Control extension. It is one of most downloaded extensions in Yii's Web.

Using MBMenu and Rights to automatically create menu item for your modules

Updated 3 years ago by dinhtrungTips2 comments – viewed 12,042 times – ( +1 / -1 ) – version 1.1
Using Rights generator component, we can easily create a dynamic menu, in which we scan every modules' controllers, to access the index page of them.