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Add model validator in Controller

Created 2 days ago by KonApazTips4 comments – viewed 566 times – ( +1 / -1 ) – version 1.1
There are cases that model validators should be depended by controller/action and you couldn't manipulate on the model class or using scenarios in easy way

Save or Update Multiple related model values in one Tabular input form

Created 5 months ago by KonApazTutorials4 comments – viewed 4,005 times – ( +1 / -6 ) – version 1.1
In this wiki I will show you how to save/update a model with many related model For example: How to set a product to multiple categories only in one post form ?

Create Form With DynamicModel

Created 7 days ago by Misbahul D MunirTips2 comments – viewed 1,066 times – version 2.0
In yii2 we can create form without create FormModel. Here we go
tags: form, yii2, model