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Using to send formatted, trackable emails from Yii applications

Updated 2 days ago by CeBeHow-tos0 comments – viewed 2,238 times – version 1.1
Apostle provides a nifty facility for sending app-generated, transactional emails from your application including Wordpress-like mail formatting and full tracking (delivery, opening, clicking etc.) of all emails sent. No need to set up email facilities on your app server!
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Email by YiiMailer, Call Outlook, IMAP

Updated 2 days ago by CeBeHow-tos0 comments – viewed 1,090 times – version 1.1
In Yii community we have lots of extention can send emails, such as YiiMailer and Swift and so on, or even IMAPI, thanks for team contribution. However, sometimes, in the intranet enviroment, the program cannot run successfully since SMTP /IMAP port been banded. So you need to seek other ways. The most simple way is **call outlook** as COM.

Email template functionality with manage content from database

Updated 7 months ago by kiran sharmaTutorials4 comments – viewed 8,354 times – ( +5 / -3 )
I hadn't specify whole flow as I assume you know yii crud flow well, and Quick understand of my specified admin flow.. :)
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