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Add model validator in Controller

Created 2 months ago by KonApazTips4 comments – viewed 2,085 times – ( +1 / -1 ) – version 1.1
There are cases that model validators should be depended by controller/action and you couldn't manipulate on the model class or using scenarios in easy way

custom sql query results to CDetailView

Created about a year ago by KonApazHow-tos2 comments – viewed 17,160 times – ( +3 )
This is a bried guide about displaying of custom sql query results.

Custom column in TbGridView with icon by condition, find out icon class glyphicons easy (YiiBooster)

Created about a year ago by KonApazTips2 comments – viewed 18,402 times – ( +2 / -1 ) – version 1.1
First of all, You have to find out the class of the desired icon, so visit the

How to create the custom Drop-down using CHtml::dropDownList

Created 5 months ago by Ankit ModiHow-tos1 comment – viewed 4,585 times – version all
Hi Friends, This tutorial may be help us create the custom drop-down menu using CHtml::dropDownList

Create a custom menu using CMenu data-items (flat or tree structure)

Created about a year ago by KonApazHow-tos0 comments – viewed 11,718 times – ( +4 )
There are cases that you want more control to your menu Suppose you want a specific menu with complex css, layout, images. also you want to add extra content,html,css,javascript etc it run time foreach submenu item by conditions.

Advanced CGridview issues - custom button using php and html

Created 8 months ago by KonApazHow-tos0 comments – viewed 3,164 times – ( +1 ) – version 1.1
This wiki shows about how to make a custom column or how to pass php-Yii-html code in CButtonColumn (as a button)