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Using standard filters in CGridView custom fields

Updated 7 years ago by jwernerHow-tos4 comments – viewed 64,779 times – ( +17 / -1 ) – version 1.1
In this article I'll try to explain how to use standard quick search fields in CGridView with customized columns.For example: We have a record in a database with field switch having 0 or 1 values. After that we want a user to see on or off instead 1 or 0. So we do the usual thing:

Using the jqueryslidemenu plugin with CMenu

Updated 7 years ago by pc131How-tos0 comments – viewed 34,054 times – ( +18 / -2 ) – version 1.1
Yii makes it really easy for all to use their already made objects that automate everything we do. It provides also great power of flexibility and styling but hey, we programmers tend to complicate our lives and push a little more the power of our tools.

Using recaptchlib in your projects

Updated 7 years ago by Antonio RamirezHow-tos2 comments – viewed 11,261 times – ( +5 / -1 ) – version 1.1
It is good when someone writes extensions for us but trust, sometimes we forget about other approaches that, if we know the library, we shouldn't forget.