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Using CAutoComplete to display one value and submit another

Updated 2 years ago by mohammad sharif ahrariTutorials5 comments – viewed 42,658 times – ( +8 / -3 ) – version 1.1
Note: CAutoComplete is deprecated since Yii 1.1.3. Consider using CJuiAutoComplete.

How to render a view in Fancybox using ajax

Updated 2 years ago by 张 迪How-tos1 comment – viewed 17,017 times – ( +6 ) – version 1.1
Sometimes you want to render a view in Fancybox.
tags: fancybox, ajax, views

Serve jQuery and jQuery-UI from Google's CDN

Updated 2 years ago by fadTutorials15 comments – viewed 20,932 times – ( +14 / -1 ) – version 1.1
There are good reasons to use Google's Content Delivery Network (CDN) to serve jQuery and jQuery UI on your site:

How to setup CKeditor

Updated 2 years ago by Dark-SunTutorials4 comments – viewed 15,672 times – ( +3 ) – version 1.1
To start with you need to download the latest stable release of CKeditor. Extract the downloaded file and place the ckeditor/ folder in your applications webroot directory. (beside "protected" and "css" and other directories)

How to create front and admin side login form

Updated 2 years ago by vibhaJadwaniHow-tos7 comments – viewed 48,025 times – ( +6 ) – version 1.1
In this WIKI you can learn how to create front and admin login form, using database.

Working with CGridView in Admin Panel

Updated 2 years ago by vibhaJadwaniTutorials18 comments – viewed 58,486 times – ( +41 / -1 ) – version 1.1
This is a tutorial for how to add input text-Field, check-box, buttons in CGridView.

Auto set model fields values

Updated 2 years ago by vibhaJadwaniTutorials3 comments – viewed 14,045 times – ( +8 ) – version 1.1
This is a tutorial for how to auto set model values without any code.

How to filter CGridView with From Date and To Date datepicker

Updated 2 years ago by kiran sharmaTips12 comments – viewed 29,068 times – ( +17 / -3 ) – version 1.1
This artical is related to allow user to filter CGridView with date range using datepicker on submit button. Here I use Yii Cookie to preserve date in datepicker textbox after submitting the form.

Using counters with ActiveRecord

Updated 2 years ago by Alexander UstimenkoTips8 comments – viewed 18,994 times – ( +14 / -1 ) – version 1.1
Let's say, for example, that you are developing a blog or some kind of CMS and you want to track the number of times each post was viewed (maybe to show a list of the most viewed ones).

Alternative wildcard characters CDbCriteria

Updated 2 years ago by maigretHow-tos0 comments – viewed 4,973 times – ( +3 ) – version 1.1
In SQL, wildcard characters can be used in "LIKE" expressions; the percent sign (%) matches zero or more characters, and underscore (_) a single character. Sometimes users are not familiar with these or they are using different ones like (*) and (+) similar to regular expressions. My colleages do so and then i decided to add this feature by extending CbCriteria. Especially adding a new parameter $wildcard_chars to the method addSearchCondition to replace them if needed with standard SQL characters: