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custom sql query results to CDetailView

Updated 14 days ago by Rohit SutharHow-tos2 comments – viewed 17,951 times – ( +3 ) – version 1.1
This is a bried guide about displaying of custom sql query results.

RBAC Super Simple with Admin and User

Updated 14 days ago by evercodeTutorials6 comments – viewed 7,815 times – ( +7 / -3 ) – version 2.0
One of the common requests I see in the forum is how to implement RBAC. While you can implement Yii 2's built-in RBAC, that might be too much for developers who are just starting with Yii 2 or have simpler needs. Sometimes you are looking for a fast solution and just want two flavors, user and admin. And even if you will eventually need more, you can use these methods as a starting point for developing your own features or move on to Yii 2's RBAC.

NetBeans IDE and Yii projects

Updated 15 days ago by marcovtwoutTutorials28 comments – viewed 170,250 times – ( +76 ) – version 1.1
This page is created to supply short directions and general tips for managing a Yii application in NetBeans IDE.

Yii for beginners 2

Updated 17 days ago by rackyczTutorials2 comments – viewed 39,384 times – ( +29 ) – version 1.1
Hi :-) Is that you again? Welcome !! :-)

How to hide /frontend/web in url addresses on apache

Updated 20 days ago by yiimHow-tos9 comments – viewed 29,375 times – ( +10 ) – version 2.0
There is an issue on Yii2 to redirecting / urls to /frontend/web. In other words we need a way to hidden /frontend/web from addresses. We will do this without changing Apache configuration and creating virtual host or setting document root (It's good for share hostings that we have not access to apache.conf)

Google style sign out of all other sessions

Updated 21 days ago by Rohit SutharHow-tos2 comments – viewed 3,244 times – ( +4 ) – version 1.1
In this wiki I will show how could logout from all other sessions or all other places.

How to translate and do the translations the easy way

Updated 22 days ago by Roman SolomatinHow-tos3 comments – viewed 49,026 times – ( +27 / -2 ) – version 1.1
I wanted to keep all the I18N related translations in separate files, so that I would not need to modify the view files or the model files every time I need to update or fix the translations of application's source language.

Yii 2 list of path aliases available with default basic and advanced app.

Updated about a month ago by Kartik VTips1 comment – viewed 10,288 times – ( +35 / -5 ) – version 2.0
If you are coming over from Yii 1.x to Yii 2, and already read this guide, you may note that namespaces are very important in Yii 2 to identify classes. But do you know the list of seeded path aliases that come shipped with a basic or advanced app? Here is my attempt to list them.

checkBox in CGridview

Updated about a month ago by n-rOthers0 comments – viewed 2,506 times – version 1.1
some when you need to add checkbox in cgridview and change state of selected rows by additianal parameters. in view :

Drills : Search by a HAS_MANY relation in Yii 2.0

Updated about a month ago by softarkTutorials0 comments – viewed 3,120 times – ( +5 ) – version 2.0
This article tries to describe the practical techniques of searching by a HAS_MANY relation using ActiveRecord of Yii 2.0.