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Mantis Manager: An Asset Manager that minifies, combines, and publishes

Updated about a year ago by aarondfrancisTutorials1 comment – viewed 3,500 times – ( +7 )
Hello everybody.
tags: heroku, assets

Implementing a WebDAV server using SabreDAV

Updated about a year ago by nineinchnickTutorials5 comments – viewed 10,478 times – ( +5 )
This article will show you how to easily implement a WebDAV server in your project using SabreDAV.

Ordering Models by Weight with CJuiSortable

Updated about a year ago by Phil LoaizaTutorials2 comments – viewed 10,121 times – ( +10 ) – version 1.1
In this tutorial we will be setting up a content type to be ordered by weight using the JUI Sortable plugin.

How to learn Yii?!

Updated about a year ago by yJeroenTutorials9 comments – viewed 62,101 times – ( +19 ) – version 1.1
Here is a step by step To-Do list for Yii beginners. The list is an advice of what tutorials and documentation you can walk through to get a full understanding of the Yii Framework. These can be a help to learn Yii.

Send mail using YiiMail extension

Updated about a year ago by RKATutorials7 comments – viewed 36,257 times – ( +8 ) – version 1.1
Let me show a simpe example to send mail using YiiMail extension in 5 steps. It also includes any template view if required along with the content.
tags: YiiMail

A simple way to get Yii client-side form validation run when submitting by ajax

Updated about a year ago by nlacTutorials3 comments – viewed 26,243 times – ( +5 / -2 ) – version 1.1
A time ago i've met the issue that Yii doesn't run any client-side form validation when submitting the form by CHtml::ajaxSubmitButton. The small javascript below helps to fix it.

Creating Yii applications with composer

Updated about a year ago by SleepWalkerTutorials2 comments – viewed 38,532 times – ( +28 ) – version 1.1
Creating Yii applications with composer

Custom Login Error Messages

Updated about a year ago by whoopassTutorials1 comment – viewed 20,436 times – ( +8 ) – version 1.1
The Yii Framework is very powerful and it provides a lot of functionality right from the pre-built webapp. One of the nice things that is already established for you as a developer is the Login authentication. While the default configuration simply sets it up to run against an array of hard coded usernames and passwords, the Yii Blog Tutorial provides a how to in connecting that login authentication method to a database so you can run your logins against the registered users. Talk about sweet deal.

How to display static pages in Yii?

Updated about a year ago by resurtmTutorials2 comments – viewed 45,347 times – ( +18 ) – version 1.1
In a Web application, we often need to display pages like "about this site", "legal information", whose content are mostly static. There are several approaches to deal with this kind of pages.
tags: static pages

Upload Files to Rackspace Cloud Files CDN

Updated about a year ago by StephenMiracleTutorials0 comments – viewed 6,999 times – ( +2 ) – version 1.1
** I actually made this into an extension for easier use. You can view the extension: