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Events explained

Updated about a year ago by Ivo RenkemaTutorials9 comments – viewed 20,878 times – ( +22 / -3 ) – version 1.1
Let's see what exactly are the events in Yii!

Htaccess .. SEO Friendly Url

Updated about a year ago by Manoj MTutorials4 comments – viewed 10,971 times – ( +2 / -7 ) – version 1.1
hello firend if u need a SEO friendly URL
tags: yii

How to display static pages in Yii with database content?

Updated about a year ago by yasenTutorials4 comments – viewed 16,211 times – ( +8 ) – version 1.1
To extend further static pages as shown by Qiang here're the steps to take:

XUpload Workflow

Updated about a year ago by AsgarothTutorials22 comments – viewed 39,682 times – ( +31 ) – version 1.1
This wiki describes a more complex workflow using the XUpload widget

YiiFunctions - Helper file, a collections of Yii function to make the Yii coding shorten

Updated about a year ago by Pinoy CoderzTutorials3 comments – viewed 8,876 times – ( -9 ) – version 1.1

Ajax form submiting in Yii

Updated about a year ago by sirin kTutorials9 comments – viewed 64,397 times – ( +11 / -3 ) – version 1.1
hi guys, Here I'm going to give you a working example of ajax form submiting in Yii.

Displaying, sorting and filtering HasMany & ManyMany relations in CGridView

Updated about a year ago by yJeroenTutorials8 comments – viewed 34,841 times – ( +15 ) – version 1.1
This tutorial gives you multiple options of how to fully implement showing, sorting and filtering related data in gridviews.

Beginner / Intro Tutorials (please add to / update this list)

Updated about a year ago by Gerhard LiebenbergTutorials1 comment – viewed 37,062 times – ( +5 ) – version 1.1
This is a central location to collect links to "Getting Started" documentation beyond the blog demo and Creating First Yii Application. Please help the community by adding general, introductory links and descriptions to this page.

Facebook DeAuthorize callback URL and its response data.

Updated about a year ago by sirin kTutorials1 comment – viewed 6,529 times – ( +3 ) – version 1.1
Facebook Deauthorize callback is used to getting notification to the app owner when a user uninstall our app from their fan page or profile.
tags: facebook

Create Yii Project In Cloud9

Updated about a year ago by BenTutorials5 comments – viewed 13,502 times – ( +3 ) – version 1.1
This tutorial will guide you through the process of creating a yii application using Cloud9. We will use a git workspace to enable version control and also show how to link the Cloud9 workspace to GitHub.