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Yii2 Enable content protection with own javascript file in the project frontend

Updated 3 days ago by VivekYiiTutorials0 comments – viewed 1,047 times – ( +1 / -3 ) – version 2.0
If you are trying to put own java script function on application view, this is perfect article

Running applications with Docker

Updated 14 days ago by schmunkTutorials0 comments – viewed 3,057 times – ( +3 ) – version 2.0
When building PHP web applications you usually have to take care about defining and providing a consistent development and production environment for your team. This includes your application packages, PHP-extensions, database servers and often further components such as a mail server or workers.

Installare Yii 2.0.* usando XAMPP su Windows in versione portabile

Updated 15 days ago by realteboTutorials0 comments – viewed 4,185 times – ( +1 ) – version 2.0
Una delle soluzioni che preferisco per studiare un framework PHP è avere a disposizione un webserver portabile, ovvero che non richiede una vera e propria installazione. Questo mi permette spesso di lavorare direttamente su una chiavetta USB, potendo passare da un computer ad un altro di casa, o al lavoro, o dai clienti per le demo, senza alcun problema, avendo sempre con me l'ambiente server completo: server web, server MySQL, interprete php.

RBAC Super Simple with Admin and User

Updated 17 days ago by evercodeTutorials6 comments – viewed 8,032 times – ( +7 / -3 ) – version 2.0
One of the common requests I see in the forum is how to implement RBAC. While you can implement Yii 2's built-in RBAC, that might be too much for developers who are just starting with Yii 2 or have simpler needs. Sometimes you are looking for a fast solution and just want two flavors, user and admin. And even if you will eventually need more, you can use these methods as a starting point for developing your own features or move on to Yii 2's RBAC.

NetBeans IDE and Yii projects

Updated 18 days ago by marcovtwoutTutorials28 comments – viewed 170,408 times – ( +76 ) – version 1.1
This page is created to supply short directions and general tips for managing a Yii application in NetBeans IDE.

Yii for beginners 2

Updated 19 days ago by rackyczTutorials2 comments – viewed 39,489 times – ( +29 ) – version 1.1
Hi :-) Is that you again? Welcome !! :-)

Drills : Search by a HAS_MANY relation in Yii 2.0

Updated about a month ago by softarkTutorials0 comments – viewed 3,198 times – ( +5 ) – version 2.0
This article tries to describe the practical techniques of searching by a HAS_MANY relation using ActiveRecord of Yii 2.0.

Drills : Search by a HAS_MANY relation in Yii 1.1

Updated about a month ago by softarkTutorials12 comments – viewed 29,999 times – ( +31 ) – version 1.1
Sometimes we get lost trying to search by a HAS_MANY relation using CActiveRecord or CActiveDataProvider in Yii 1.1. This article is a series of drills that try to describe the practical techniques of searching by a HAS_MANY relation.

Creating a dependent dropdown

Updated about a month ago by Paul_KishTutorials52 comments – viewed 263,046 times – ( +109 / -3 ) – version 1.1
Often you'll need a form with two dropdowns, and one dropdown's values will be dependent on the value of the other dropdown. Using Yii's built-in AJAX functionality you can create such a dropdown.

Widget Personalizado

Updated about a month ago by CálcioTutorials0 comments – viewed 6,229 times – ( +6 ) – version 1.1
Here I will explain with the clear way and objective an use the widget with CDataProvider.