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Yii2 and Pdf files with Mpdf

Updated 2 years ago by CTalaHow-tos2 comments – viewed 13,795 times – ( +7 ) – version 2.0
I am still new to composer and packagist, so I want to share how I am creating the pdf files because for me was not as simple as it should be.

Displaying uploaded file from DB for update with FileInput widget

Updated 2 years ago by Kartik VHow-tos3 comments – viewed 27,832 times – ( +39 / -5 ) – version 2.0
This is for folks who are using \kartik\widgets\FileInput to upload files from your client. How do you display an image for update after you have uploaded it to the server using the widget?

using editors of yiibooster - fix issues - configuration

Updated 2 years ago by Nur RochimHow-tos0 comments – viewed 7,322 times – ( +5 ) – version 1.1
if you have use the yiibooster extension, you have definitely used the amazing redactor, html5 and ckEditor editors.

Logging to Heroku's logs from Yii

Updated 2 years ago by aarondfrancisHow-tos0 comments – viewed 5,248 times – ( +2 ) – version 1.1
In order to get your Yii logs into Heroku's logs, you have to work a little bit of magic. You'll need to modify the script and add the following two lines:
tags: heroku, Logging

Using the yii2-datecontrol extension along with yii2-detail-view widget

Updated 2 years ago by Kartik VHow-tos0 comments – viewed 8,157 times – ( +35 ) – version 2.0
The yii2-datecontrol extension allows you to control separate date formats for display and saving for form inputs.

Check online users / set specific user offline

Updated 2 years ago by Kostas Apazidis (KonApaz)How-tos2 comments – viewed 7,488 times – ( +4 ) – version 1.1
How to check the online users or how to logout a specific user from your admin panel? This wiki shows how to do that

Update specific cgridview html row after AJAX request

Updated 2 years ago by Kostas Apazidis (KonApaz)How-tos3 comments – viewed 11,259 times – ( +2 ) – version 1.1
After of model update (successfull or not) throught CGridView (check the below link) you probably need to updates the specific row html in cgridview (not entire cgridview)

Yii Installation guide for advanced application template ( 3 step )

Updated 2 years ago by nirmalrokaHow-tos0 comments – viewed 7,530 times – ( +1 ) – version 2.0

Insert a model record using CGridview

Updated 2 years ago by Kostas Apazidis (KonApaz)How-tos0 comments – viewed 8,503 times – ( +2 ) – version 1.1
CGridview displays existent rows of the table (using DataProvider)

Update related models of a model using listBox and checkBoxList in the form

Updated 2 years ago by Kostas Apazidis (KonApaz)How-tos0 comments – viewed 12,548 times – ( +2 ) – version 1.1
Suppose you want to have a list in Category with its related products and you want to updates the list (removing or insert product items) This wiki show us how to do that