make chart from custome queries using amcharts widget


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Use this code in your view,make sure to put EAmChartWidget in your extension folder. here is the url of widget

$query ="SELECT count(*) as totalCalls,prov_destname as destination FROM `calls` WHERE status LIKE 'HUNGUP' AND startdate BETWEEN '$dateFrom' AND '$dateTo' AND customerID ='".Yii::app()->session['customerID']."' GROUP BY prov_destname ORDER BY totalCalls DESC LIMIT 5";
$connection     = Yii::app()->db;
$command        = $connection->createCommand($query);
$Results        = $command->queryAll();
$filedlabel ='This week';
$dataProvider=new CArrayDataProvider($Results,
array( 'keyField' =>'callID') );
      'width' => 500,
      'height' => 200,
                    'categoryField' =>'destination',
                    'angle' =>'30',
                    'depth3D' => '15'
      'chartType' => "AmSerialChart",
                             'valueField' => 'totalCalls',                                                      
   'type' => 'column',
                                                                        'balloonText'=>"[[destination]]: [[totalCalls]] call",
 'lineAlpha' => '0',

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