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Allow to use realy friendly URLs

OthersUpdated 8 years ago by Blake-R 1703 downloads, 1 comment
 as 'CFriendlyUrlPagePhpStorage.dataFile.php.example'). Change parent of your controllers from CContoller to CFriendlyUrlController. Add call widget FriendlyUrlMenu for build menus. Adapt calls of create 

Language Selector, CRUD for languages and hardcoded strings translation / customization

User InterfaceUpdated 5 years ago by DG Esteban A. Pérez 368 downloads, 3 comments
 ::app()->user->checkAccess('UsuarioAvanzado') Implementation Add to the desired menu this elements: array('label' => Yii::t('int','Idiomas'), 'url' => array('/gemi/idioma/index')), array('label' => Yii::t('int','Traducir'), 'url' => array 

Custom CJuiAccordion extension to enable it to remember state (navigation=true)

User InterfaceUpdated 7 years ago by Angelystor 639 downloads, 2 comments
I was having problems in creating an accordion menu which remembered state. Setting navigation to true in options didn't help. After some time of debugging, I realised that the default CJui