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Display the image on view file

File SystemUpdated 9 months ago by Ankit Modi 0 downloads, 3 comments – ( +10 / -4 )
Hi Friends, This is my first Extension created how to display image on view file using extension First you can create the function folder in protected/extersions/functions and also create the images 

Convert Kohana Image Library to Yii

OthersUpdated 4 years ago by miles 23317 downloads, 47 comments – ( +105 / -1 )
Provides methods for the dynamic manipulation of images. Various image formats such as JPEG, PNG, and GIF can be resized, cropped, rotated and sharpened. All image manipulations are applied 

Simple extension to resize image

OthersUpdated 3 years ago by David T 2706 downloads, 16 comments – ( +16 )
Most of time we just need resize function in a image library. This extension uses simple_image to resize image. Requirements Yii 1.1 or above Usage extract download file to protected/extensions Edit 

This extension resize images and thumbnail only when they are called and if resized image or his thumbnail not exists.

User InterfaceUpdated 12 months ago by darkheir 1586 downloads, 23 comments – ( +13 / -1 )
SAImageDisplayer is a Yii Widget providing a better display of images in the views. Description This extension resizes images and thumbnail only when they are called and if resized image or his 

Simple image editor for resizing, cropping and doing other elementary actions with images.

File SystemUpdated 11 months ago by wapmorgan 781 downloads, 1 comment – ( +4 / -1 )
ImageEditor is a wrapper of gd functions: crop resize proportional resize Installation Composer package - wapmorgan/image-editor [1] Latest release - 0.0.6 changelog Development branch - dev 

yii2 images module for storing and resizing images

OthersUpdated 9 months ago by Costa-Rico 0 downloads, 1 comment – ( +2 )
Yii2-images is yii2 module that allows to attach images to any of your models, next you can get images in any sizes, also you can set main image of images set. Module supports Imagick and GD 

user friendly widget, to manage(upload, remove, replace) image associated with model

User InterfaceUpdated about a year ago by Bogdan Savluk 2357 downloads, 10 comments – ( +9 )
ImageAttachment This extension intended to handle actions with images associated with model. Extensions provides user friendly widget, to upload and remove image. Screenshots: Features Asynchronous 

An simple slideshow of images

User InterfaceUpdated about a year ago by nandomegaman 1277 downloads, 10 comments – ( +6 )
Requirements Tested 1.1.8x Usage

Allows create styles form your images when save

File SystemUpdated about a month ago by JiLiZART 0 downloads, 1 comment – ( +1 )

Insert a link above the image to change it and view the new one using ajax - just like facebook

User InterfaceUpdated 2 years ago by Amr Bedair 1621 downloads, 15 comments – ( +11 )
Image View Select to Change Requirements Yii 1.1 or above - tested on Yii 1.1.11 and above Demo Usage extract inside extensions directory be sure that your extensions