Yii and DHTMLX Integration

Aug 13, 2012

The recent update of DHTMLX, a JavaScript component library, introduces the possibility to integrate the client-side DHTMLX components with the Yii framework. DHTMLX delivers a rich collection of user interface components including rich-featured data grid, treeview, event calendar, and other.

The integration with Yii is done through the special PHP layer (dhtmlxConnector) that handles client-server data communication. dhtmlxConnector helps to integrate the DTHMLX JavaScript components with the model-view-controller (MVC) design pattern used in Yii.

There is a detailed tutorial that describes how to integrate data grid and event calendar in a Yii application. It shows how to bind the DHTMLX components to the database and update data on the server when the user makes changes on the client side.

The DHTMLX components are distributed under GNU General Public License v2. The commercial license is required for use in a proprietary project. More about DHTMLX: http://dhtmlx.com