Yii PHP framework 1.0.10 is released

Oct 18, 2009

We are proud to announce the release of Yii Framework v1.0.10!

In this release, we included nearly thirty bug fixes and minor feature enhancements. An important bug we fixed is that executing an SQL statement using CDbCommand may cause subsequent SQL executions or ActiveRecord queries to fail. We improved the included CAPTCHA widget by allowing it to use transparent background. We added Yii::registerAutoloader() so that third-party class autoloader methods can be more easily hooked in Yii environment. We added support for attaching anonymous functions (PHP 5.3+) as event handlers. We also enhanced CPhpMessageSource so that each extension can manage its own translated messages. Last but not the least, we added CBooleanValidator so that validating boolean values (e.g. checkbox input) is easier. For a list of all enhancements and issues resolved in this release, please see change logs.

Upgrading to v1.0.10 from v1.0.9 should be very safe without any known backward compatibility issues. Please check the upgrade guide if you are upgrading from 1.0.8 or lower versions.