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User Interface 1304 2
Slider for your gallary
By sarthak, about a year ago


User Interface 6619 10 +20 / -1
Extension to use TinyMce with Compressor SpellChecker and...
By Bogdan Savluk, about a year ago


User Interface 389 4 +2
An extension as wrapper for the jQuery Plugin Simple FadeSlideShow
By slp, about a year ago


User Interface 357 4 +1
Yii widget wrapping the jQuery Plugin Jeditable allowing inplace...
By c@cba, about a year ago


Others 448 2 +6
Provides a custom help tool that can be very easily integrated with...
By Digital Mesh, about a year ago


Others 190 2 +3
A Widget Generator That Boost Up Your Widget Creation on the Fly ;)
By Ahamed Rifaideen, about a year ago


User Interface 3870 26 +16 / -2
Simple Wrapper Widget for the jQuery UI MultiSelect Widget by Eric...
By c@cba, about a year ago


User Interface 0 39 +49
Bundle of widgets and server-side component for creating editable...
By Vitalets, about a year ago


Others 156 0
EJsWidget makes widgets act more like self-contained "mini apps".
By nlac, about a year ago


User Interface 794 9 +8
Widget to pick coordinates using google map in modal window
By Bogdan Savluk, about a year ago


User Interface 1532 4 +4 / -3
FancyBox is a tool for displaying images html content and...
By Ahmed Sharaf, about a year ago


User Interface 775 17 +17
This extension helps you to clear remembered filter values on...
By Pentium10, about a year ago


User Interface 1651 22 +47
This extension helps you to remember store filter values of...
By Pentium10, about a year ago


User Interface 2315 10 +9
user friendly widget to manage upload remove replace image...
By Bogdan Savluk, about a year ago
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