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User Interface 143 0 +3
A wrapper for Spritespin jQuery Plugin
By Alfa Adhitya, about a year ago


User Interface 505 4 +2
An extension as wrapper for the jQuery Plugin Simple FadeSlideShow
By slp, about a year ago


User Interface 394 4 +1
Yii widget wrapping the jQuery Plugin Jeditable allowing inplace...
By c@cba, about a year ago


User Interface 1827 0 +8
Highcharts, Highstock and Highmaps Widgets for Yii2
By Milo Schuman, 11 months ago


Others 514 2 +6
Provides a custom help tool that can be very easily integrated with...
By Digital Mesh, about a year ago


Others 170 0
EJsWidget makes widgets act more like self-contained "mini apps".
By nlac, about a year ago


Others 197 2 +3
A Widget Generator That Boost Up Your Widget Creation on the Fly ;)
By Ahamed Rifaideen, about a year ago


User Interface 87 0 +2
Widget display amCharts
By speixoto, about a year ago


User Interface 0 5 +44 / -4
Advanced Markdown editing and conversion utilities for Yii Framework...
By Kartik V, about a year ago


User Interface 555 6 +5 / -1
Extension to work with jQuery EasyUI
By leandrogehlen, about a year ago


Others 0 0
Parse html code to widgets when the tag <widget> is used.
By __gir, about a year ago


Web Service 316 0 +4
Widget which provide simple disqus support for your Yii powered site
By iDexter, about a year ago


User Interface 2515 10 +9
user friendly widget to manage upload remove replace image...
By Bogdan Savluk, about a year ago


User Interface 794 2 +2
dynamic sidebar slider on the left or right side of the browser.
By ramamoorthy071, about a year ago
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