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Vertical list of elements drag and drop to sort list every event...
By pceuropa, about a month ago


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Rapid Application Development tools to quickly build interconnected...
By drsdre, 2 months ago


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Ajax Box for YII load or display any content with this AdminLTE...
By rincewind, 3 months ago


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Dropdown widget with AJAX data
By Bizley, 4 months ago


User Interface 230 13 +6
Yii 1.1 dropdown widget with AJAX data
By Bizley, 4 months ago


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Sortable GridView which you can drag and drop the record items from...
By Richard Fan, 8 months ago


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This plugin allows you to use combogrid in your yii application
By candyman, about a year ago


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Insertion of a single model that is repeated in a form
By rafaelt88, about a year ago


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Gii CRUD template for Single Page Ajax Administration for yii2
By John Martin, about a year ago


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A widget to render animated CSS loading spinners with VML fallback...
By Kartik V, about a year ago


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Yii2 Language Picker Widget
By lajax, about a year ago


User Interface 503 2
creates a dialog box for forms using CJuiDialog for any controller
By Rehan Anis, about a year ago


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Yii extension for showLoading jQuery plugin - to overlay loading...
By Nirvana, 2 years ago


Others 6668 99 +41
NLSClientScript extends the CClientScript class smart loading...
By nlac, 2 years ago
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