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Extensions tagged with "ajax"X
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User Interface 0 3 +36
Extended bootstrap tabbed navigation widget for Yii with various...
By Kartik V, 3 years ago


User Interface 0 0 +34
Widget to easily convert any displayed content as editable content...
By Kartik V, 3 years ago


User Interface 225 0 +1
Provides simple opportunity for replacing model field values with...
By hastenax, 3 years ago


Web Service 2198 6 +6
This is meant to upload and resize an image via ajax
By amanation, 3 years ago


Database 384 2 +2
a helper function for json encoding ActiveRecord objects
By cnlevy, 4 years ago


Networking 0 0 +3
simplify your ajax requests
By once, 4 years ago


Others 670 2 +6
Provides a custom help tool that can be very easily integrated with...
By Digital Mesh, 4 years ago


Others 292 0
EJsWidget makes widgets act more like self-contained "mini apps".
By nlac, 4 years ago


User Interface 3070 10 +9
user friendly widget to manage upload remove replace image...
By Bogdan Savluk, 4 years ago


User Interface 2180 16 +8 / -1
Allows Dynamic Tabular Input using partial views
By ezekielnoob, 4 years ago


User Interface 782 7 +5
Creates a "add element" row in a CGridView
By CrazyCat, 4 years ago


User Interface 742 4
Widget to create a nivo slider images
By Touzas, 4 years ago


User Interface 986 3 +3
Calender to show events with ajax load feature
By snowwalker, 4 years ago


User Interface 4551 16 +16 / -5
EFineUploader: Uploading files using ajax (without flash)
By kosenka, 4 years ago