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Database 0 0 +1
Display table records as a calendar using just a data provider and a...
By rincewind, about a month ago


User Interface 0 0 +1
Sortable GridView which you can drag and drop the record items from...
By Richard Fan, 4 months ago


Database 0 0
A PHP7 edition of the infamous mongoyii extension
By Sammaye, 7 months ago


Database 2178 29 +28 / -1
Easily create and handle translated i n multilingual models with...
By fredpeaks, 9 months ago


Database 0 1 +2 / -2
A simple extension allows to access column values of junction table...
By alextra, about a year ago


Database 0 0 +1
ActiveRecord behavior that allows you to store arrays in attributes
By baibaratsky, about a year ago


Database 0 0
This package allows you to use pessimistic locking select for update...
By Alexey Samoylov, about a year ago


Date and Time 0 0 +1
Handle incomplete dates
By Sjaakp, about a year ago


Database 0 0
Extension contains abstract classes making it fast and easy to...
By jozek;, about a year ago


Database 0 2 +2
Dynamic strunctured NoSQL-like attributes in ActiveRecord and...
By fsb, about a year ago


Database 0 0
Tag ActiveRecords with keywords or similar
By Sjaakp, about a year ago


User Interface 457 2
creates a dialog box for forms using CJuiDialog for any controller
By Rehan Anis, about a year ago


Database 0 0 +2
A modern taggable behavior for the Yii framework.
By creocoder, about a year ago


Database 204 3 +6
Improves Yii's grid filters by allowing more powerful search terms.
By Keith, about a year ago
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