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User Interface 102 2 +2
An extension as wrapper for the jQuery Plugin Simple FadeSlideShow
By slp, about a month ago


Database 67 0 +2 / -1
Simple way to use transaction in Yii framework
By moein7tl, about a month ago


Security 179 0 +3
Yii wrapper around phpseclib 0.3.6
By Argent, about a month ago


Validation 33 2
Simple class to validate the Italian tax code
By toriphes, about a month ago


User Interface 108 3 +1
Yii widget wrapping the jQuery Plugin Jeditable allowing inplace...
By c@cba, about a month ago


Logging 0 0 +1
A Yii2 Beta port of the audittrail2 plugin
By Sammaye, about a month ago


Logging 0 2 +1
A Yii2 Beta port of the audittrail2 plugin
By Sammaye, about a month ago


Web Service 0 0 +1
SOAP server for Yii2 based on the implementation of Yii1 WebService
By subdee, about a month ago


Database 0 0 +2
Yii extension that partitions horizontally large tables for easy...
By Matthew Torres, about a month ago


Database 0 0 +4
Import from CSV into your models.
By jbowler, about a month ago


User Interface 98 2 +6
A wrapper for jQuery ToolTipster plugin
By turi, about a month ago


User Interface 0 0
This is Yii extension for GMap latitude and longtitude picker as...
By TheBee, about a month ago


Auth 101 3 +6
Yii Auth Component is for check multi access with single query.
By Nabi, about a month ago


Web Service 395 3 +5
This is meant to upload and resize an image via ajax
By Israel Ama, about a month ago
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