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User Interface 1538 14 +8
Simple two level vertical accordion menu.
By Nikolay I. Belichuk, about a year ago


Others 1977 0 +21
AutoAdmin is a CMS framework for absolutely free designed databases.
By Alexander Palamarchuk, about a year ago


Validation 261 0 +1
Validates files against ClamAV's clamd antimalware daemon
By MetaYii, about a year ago


User Interface 170 0 +1 / -2
form widget enable users to select values obtained from a remote...
By bluyell, about a year ago


Others 1043 2 -3
PikaChoose is a JQuery based image slider/gallery plugin
By PeRoChAk, about a year ago


User Interface 1130 5 +35
...because users should never be lost on a web page again !
By Raoul, about a year ago


Others 575 0 +8 / -1
Extension to manipulate with docx files (based on docxgen library)
By Dino, about a year ago


User Interface 2061 26 +18
Simplifies the usage of CJuiDialog and Fancybox
By Joblo, about a year ago


Networking 236 0
Embed a Speedtest.net test on your site
By Maxxer, about a year ago


Others 787 3 +4
EjwPlayer is a Yii widget for embedding JWPlayer into your web...
By Paul Sz, about a year ago


User Interface 613 10 +12
A Yii based sprite generator extension
By nisteve, about a year ago


User Interface 207 1
wrapper for Jquery FLoating Fixed Plugin
By Dayak Ngoding, about a year ago


Web Service 493 1 +5
Google Analytics code generation widget for Yii.
By ianaré, about a year ago


Web Service 1549 0 +2
Yii Framework widget to embed Soundcloud Player Widget into your web...
By njasm, about a year ago
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