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Database 0 0
This is component for searching in the Active Record models for Yii...
By greeflas, 12 days ago


User Interface 0 0 +1
Extension for sharing to social networks
By greeflas, 24 days ago


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Chat for registered users module for Yii Framework advanced template...
By Viacheslav Kolesnikov, 26 days ago


User Interface 0 0 +2
Log site requests component and draw charts of these requests module...
By Viacheslav Kolesnikov, 28 days ago


Database 0 6 +2 / -4
Database Backup and Restore functionality module extention for Yii2
By shiv, 28 days ago


Others 0 1 +2
Create Qr Codes
By Antonio Ramirez, 29 days ago


User Interface 0 0
TreeView Menu widget for Yii Framework uses DynaTree jQuery ui...
By Viacheslav Kolesnikov, about a month ago


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The extension uses jQuery prettyPhoto js and makes image galary from...
By Viacheslav Kolesnikov, about a month ago


User Interface 0 0
jQuery Visualize is a extension for Yii framework to draw charts for...
By Viacheslav Kolesnikov, about a month ago


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The Yii extension uses jQuery PrettyPhoto and OwlCarousel js and...
By Viacheslav Kolesnikov, about a month ago


Others 534 17 +5
Yii multilanguage extension with dynamic content translate...
By Taron Saribekyan, about a month ago


User Interface 0 0
Yii Basic Frontend / Backend Setup
By Sandeep S. Gawali, about a month ago


Others 9 0
Inflection extension for Yii Support for English Russian languages...
By wapmorgan, about a month ago


User Interface 0 0 +1
Yii -Webcam - Capture and upload the image through system Mobile web...
By Arockia Johnson SR, 2 months ago
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