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User Interface 0 0 +1
Yii2 module to provide a notification managing system
By Gonçalo Esteves, 12 days ago


Others 0 0 +2
Module for saving user contacts from newsletter form to database
By greeflas, 17 days ago


File System 0 0 +3
easy way to upload image
By gabriele, 20 days ago


User Interface 0 0
Use inline javascripts inside view normally.
By Blue Spy, 27 days ago


Others 0 0
With this extension you can open chat with someone in popular...
By greeflas, 28 days ago


Others 0 0 +1
a content management system powered by Yii2.
By mr.rezaee, about a month ago


Mail 0 0
Background mailer decorator for Yii2 using queue component
By Blue Spy, about a month ago


User Interface 0 0 +1
yii2 image cropping extension
By mr.rezaee, about a month ago


Security 0 0 +1
yii2 captcha with Ability to recognize Arabic and Persian numbers.
By mr.rezaee, about a month ago


User Interface 0 0
A Yii widget for manage lists of input spinner with extra text field...
By Armando, about a month ago


Error Handling 0 0 +1
yii error handler With the ability to search on google stackoverflow...
By mr.rezaee, about a month ago


Others 0 0
A Yii2 data provider that transpose data into a table format
By eddmash, about a month ago


Others 0 0 +1
A Yii extension that makes it easy to copy input item value on to...
By eddmash, about a month ago


Database 0 0
This is component for searching in the Active Record models for Yii...
By greeflas, about a month ago
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