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User Interface 622 5 +5
EasyTabs simple wrapper
By Artur Oliveira, about a year ago


User Interface 1187 2 +7
Tile Slide Menu to show tiled images containing links
By Artur Oliveira, about a year ago


Others 339 0 +2
CrudActions Generic CRUD action classes providing create view update...
By intel352, about a year ago


User Interface 150 2
BmvMediaPlayer based on Microsoft Windows Media Player components
By bhavesh vaghela, about a year ago


User Interface 748 3 +16 / -1
Widget for using JQuery plugin Pines Notify - Notifications for...
By Yerlt, about a year ago


Web Service 164 0 +3
A wrapper for basic REST API calls to Microsoft's SkyDrive.
By drumaddict, about a year ago


User Interface 298 3
Language Selector CRUD for languages and hardcoded strings...
By DG Esteban A. Pérez, about a year ago


User Interface 901 3 +8
Very simple JUI Tooltip pluggin wrapper js lib is built in Yii...
By Veseliq, about a year ago


User Interface 7363 5 +16
SMenu is a simple multilevel drop down menu widget
By Spyros, about a year ago


Networking 557 11 +14 / -1
YiiScraperModule is base scraper module to get information from...
By vittron, about a year ago


Web Service 683 1 +1
腾讯社区开放平台 登录组件
By Francis.TM, about a year ago


Web Service 304 0 +1
celery-yii is a YII extension to dispatch Celery http celeryproject...
By ema, about a year ago


User Interface 292 3 +6
Widget for using JQuery plugin "Pines Tags"
By Yerlt, about a year ago


Networking 275 0 +8
Extension allows to use multiple domains subdomains for loading...
By Borales, about a year ago
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