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User Interface 142 0
Widget for displaying Google AdSense banners
By djiwie, about a year ago


User Interface 0 0 +1
Vertical list of elements drag and drop to sort list every event...
By pceuropa, about a year ago


User Interface 0 0 +1
Dropdown to select flags, change language
By pceuropa, about a year ago


User Interface 0 2 +1
Creating links drop menus line diver in the navbar-left and or...
By pceuropa, about a year ago


User Interface 0 0 +2
EAV Dynamic Attributes for Yii2
By Mirocow, about a year ago


User Interface 0 0
Yii2 Kendo UI Extension
By Soluto, about a year ago


User Interface 70 0 +1
Dygraphs JavaScript library wrapper Widget.
By le_top, about a year ago


User Interface 0 0
An Yii widget enable you to implement Yii tabular with a simple way...
By Ariel Braun, about a year ago


User Interface 0 0
The Tale Jade Template Engine brings the popular and powerful...
By Andrey Borodulin, about a year ago


User Interface 0 0
Rapid Application Development tools to quickly build interconnected...
By drsdre, about a year ago


User Interface 0 0 +1
A drag and drop form builder with jQuery for Yii2
By meysampg, about a year ago


User Interface 31677 63 +118
Highcharts, Highstock and Highmaps Widgets
By Milo Schuman, about a year ago


User Interface 3916 0 +14
Highcharts, Highstock and Highmaps Widgets for Yii2
By Milo Schuman, about a year ago


User Interface 0 0
Ajax Box for YII load or display any content with this AdminLTE...
By rincewind, about a year ago
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