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User Interface 0 3 +3
Dropdown widget with AJAX data
By Bizley, about a year ago


User Interface 304 0 +3
Attach CSS anywhere in your application Render only used styles in...
By papryk, 5 years ago


User Interface 1573 32 +3
Basic User Management
By firefly, 4 years ago


User Interface 2812 5 +3
Wrapper for xhEditor WYSISWYG XHTML editor v build aug...
By Evgeny L, 6 years ago


User Interface 608 3 +3
extends CButtonColumn adding an extra button yesno for updating db...
By rootbear, 5 years ago


User Interface 1412 3 +3
create a toggle button to show or hide Blueprint’s built-in grid
By volkmar, 6 years ago


User Interface 423 3 +3
customize your twitter widget using Tweet Master Jquery
By bryglen, 3 years ago


User Interface 0 6 +3
Yii 2 implementation of Quill, modern WYSIWYG editor
By Bizley, about a year ago


User Interface 878 6 +3
selecting a rectangular area of an image It allows web developers to...
By yiqing95, 5 years ago


User Interface 380 1 +3
Expand and Collapse HTML content
By delancer, 5 years ago


User Interface 0 0 +3
Easy yii2 form builder from config
By metalguardian, 3 years ago


User Interface 225 0 +3
Yii extension to manage cookie warning
By Bizley, 2 years ago


User Interface 0 0 +3
Bootstrap Select2 is a jQuery based replacement for select boxes.
By Moh Khoirul Anam, 3 years ago


User Interface 620 5 +3
dynamic sidebar slider on the left side of the browser.
By ramamoorthy071, 3 years ago