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update website using git as alternative to ftp.
By haley, about a year ago


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A lightweight Yii application embedded into OpenCart
By cornernote, about a year ago


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ruploadbehavior manages file upload operations smoothly without...
By Ahamed Rifaideen, about a year ago


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Implements class.upload image manipulation class into Yii framework.
By GOsha, about a year ago


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Transform RT SWEREF to from latitude longitude WGS Port of a JS...
By Leffe, about a year ago


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Provides a reusable widget enabling users to 'reporting...
By Boaz, about a year ago


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class to access cpanel functions - accepts json xml cpanel and apis...
By Gustavo, about a year ago


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Easy database installer using wizard for yii configuration
By Ibrar Turi, about a year ago


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Extension that integrates Assetic into Yii
By Mr. T, about a year ago


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A Javascript image puzzle game with customized images.
By nachi, about a year ago


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a deeper menu as bootstrap , mobile,tablet responsive
By DrMabuse, about a year ago


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A new extension to integrate jasper reports with PHP
By Eric M, about a year ago


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A class for accumulating tokens from various text sources filtering...
By apotter, about a year ago


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Provides a custom help tool that can be very easily integrated with...
By Digital Mesh, 2 years ago
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