Yii 1.1: yiiparsedb

This adds parse.com database to your application where you can operate parse objects from Yii

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Yii 1.1 or above


Download and extract ParseYii extension and put in protected/extensions then open parse.php file there you can find code for defining constants as below

       const APP_ID="";
   const REST_API_ID ="";
   const MASTER_ID ="";

find your parse.com application details and put in front of right constants.

then open your application's /protected/config/main.php file

there add this parse array in components array

          'parse' => array(
        'class' => 'application.extensions.ParseYii.Parse',

I have Users class/table in parse.com which contains

{ "createdAt": "2014-08-21T09:08:17.460Z", "email": "khajaamin@gmail.com", "first_name": "khajaamin", "last_name": "attar", "objectId": "VswIdA5gWo", "password": "123456", "updatedAt": "2014-08-21T09:08:17.460Z" },

in your actions or module put this simple code for usage of your class from parse.com


Note : change array key and value whatever your class having in the parse.com's class for storing data.

Now this is working for simple operation i request to build whatever you can or you can request e to build it for you

coming soon with great Yii & Angular framework


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varadk at 2014/09/08 03:40am
This is working .

Thank you very much for this extension.This is working successfully.

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