Yii 2.0: yii2-outdated-browser

Yii2 widget for http://outdatedbrowser.com

Yii2 widget for http://outdatedbrowser.com/.

Usage of this plugin is really simple, just include it in your composer.json like so:

'sammaye/yii2-outdated-browser': '*'

and then update your composer (php ./composer.phar update) and finally include it in your page:

<?= sammaye\outdatedBrowser\OutdatedBrowser::widget() ?>

Setting the parameters

The outdated browser plugin accepts four parameters which can be provied as class vars like so:

<?= sammaye\outdatedBrowser\OutdatedBrowser::widget(['language' => 'ar', 'bgColor' => '#f25648']) ?>

Using this only for IE7

Using this only for IE7 can be very useful especially since Bootstrap 3.x supports IE8+

Since Yii2, by default, only uses JQuery 2.2 you must actually add a line to your composer to make this work:

"bower-asset/jquery": "~1.11@stable",

And then when calling the plugin you simply put:

<?= sammaye\outdatedBrowser\OutdatedBrowser::widget(['onlyIe7' => true]) ?>

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