Yii 2.0: yii2-alphapager

Alphabetic paging for GridView and ListView

Yii2 Alphapager performs alphabetic paging with for instance GridViews or ListViews.

Just use sjaakp\alphapager\ActiveDataProvider in stead of your normal yii\dataActiveDataProvider, and put an AlphaPager widget in front of your GridView, and you're running.

Likewise with sjaakp\alphapager\ArrayDataProvider.

Alpha paging is compatible with normal pagination. You can use them together.


Yii 2.0

Important notice

Yii2 Alphapager's ActiveDataProvider is only proven to work with MySQL databases. It should also work with SQLite and Cubrid, but this is not tested.

In contrast to the Yii philosophy, Yii2 Alphapager is not transparent to the database, as I'm sorry to say. Presumably, ActiveDataProvider can be made to work with Oracle, Postgres, and MSSQL as well. If you can provide more information on using Yii2 Alphapager with other databases, I'd be glad to hear it.


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rahif at 2015/11/13 01:58pm
good work

Thanks for this.

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