Simple class to validate the Italian tax code

Codice Fiscale (tax code or CF) is the italian code used to uniquely identify citizens for tax and administrative purpose

This is a simple class that validates and generates the Italian tax code (codice fiscale)

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Usage in active record

class Citizen extends CActiveRecord
    public function rules()
        return array(
            array('tax_code', 'ext.CfValidator',
                'strict' => true,
                'validateWithAttrs' => array( // key value pairs [modelattributes => CfValidator local properties]
                    'nome' => 'name',
                    'cognome' => 'surname',
                    'genere' => 'gender',
                    'giorno_nascita' => 'dayOfBirth',
                    'mese_nascita' => 'monthOfBirth',
                    'anno_nascita' => 'yearOfBirth',
                    'comune_nascita' => 'codeIstat',

Static usage

$cf = new CfValidator();
$cf->strict = true;
$cf->gender = CfValidator::GENDER_MALE;
$cf->name = 'Mario';
$cf->surname = 'Rossi';
$cf->dayOfBirth = '01';
$cf->monthOfBirth = '01';
$cf->yearOfBirth = '1980';
$cf->codeIstat = 'H501';
if(!$cf->validateValue("MRARSS80A01H501T") {
    echo "Error TAX CODE shoud be: " . $cf->cf


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toriphes at 2014/02/28 03:15am

Ciao Peppe, il validatore non considera i casi di omocodia. Tutta via è possibile effettuare solo una validazione di forma anziché di contenuto, basta non abilitare il flag $strict.

#16493 report it
Peppe at 2014/02/28 02:47am

Tiene conto dei casi di omocodia?

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